The Lima Memorial patient portal, known as the Lima Memorial eHealth Portal, is a comprehensive and secure online tool designed to enhance the healthcare experience for patients associated with Lima Memorial Hospital or Lima Memorial Physicians. This advanced digital platform offers a range of features aimed at facilitating easy and efficient access to personal health information, thus empowering patients in their healthcare journey. Let’s explore the various aspects and functionalities of this portal:

1. Easy Account Activation and Access

  • Activation: To activate an account on the Lima Memorial eHealth Portal, patients need to provide a personal email address to the hospital registrar or their physician’s office​​.
  • Login and Enrollment: Existing users can log in using their credentials. New users can enroll by creating an account through the portal’s website or by contacting Lima Memorial eHealth Support​​.

2. Direct Communication with Physicians

  • The portal serves as a primary means for patients to contact their physicians directly regarding personal health needs and requests. This direct line of communication ensures a more personalized and efficient healthcare experience​​.

3. Management of Appointments and Medications

  • Patients can use the portal to request appointments and medication refills, streamlining the process of managing healthcare schedules and prescription needs​​.

4. Access to Personal Health Records

  • The patient portal provides access to personal health records, allowing patients to view and keep track of their medical history, lab results, and other vital health information​​.

5. Educational Resources

  • It offers educational materials, aiding patients in understanding their health conditions and treatments better​​.

6. Mobile App for Enhanced Accessibility

  • For optimal experience, Lima Memorial offers the MHealth mobile app, which can be downloaded for free. This app provides convenient access to the portal’s features on mobile devices, further enhancing patient accessibility and engagement​​.

7. Digital Tools for Family Health Management

  • The portal is part of Lima Memorial Health System’s suite of digital tools, designed to give patients and their families more control over their health and wellness​​.


The Lima Memorial eHealth Portal represents a significant step forward in digital healthcare. It offers patients a convenient, secure, and comprehensive platform to manage their health information, communicate with healthcare providers, and access essential healthcare services. This integration of technology in healthcare delivery not only simplifies the management of health-related tasks but also encourages patient engagement and empowerment, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.